Sponsorship Spotlight – Leicestershire


It’s sponsorship spotlight time, and the first one of the new year!

This January we’re celebrating another one of our Leicestershire sponsorships – Dunton & Broughton United FC

Dunton & Broughton United FC

After a merger in 2016 between two local teams, Dunton & Broughton United FC is made up of 21 teams, making the club one of the largest within the County FA and the largest adult club in the English FA.

The club’s mission statement is to provide the best-in-class facilities to encourage more local people to take part in the teams. They also want to focus on raising the standard of football the teams are playing at, with a goal to gain a senior league level 7 status.

Dunton & Broughton United FC

To reach their goals they rely on sponsorship from local companies to help them grow and improve their club. We hope our sponsorship can continue to help contribute towards their end goal.

Speaking of our sponsorship, look at the boys in their Reflex Label Plus sponsored kit – we think they look great!


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